Nonsense Dance Co. is a creative dance company providing opportunities to dancers of varying skill
levels to hone their craft, forgo new opportunities in the dance community, and participate in live
performances in a safe, encouraging environment. The program offers free or reduced cost dance
classes and performance opportunities to dancers of all skill levels with the goal of making creative
expression accessible and affordable. Nonsense fosters a healthy, open-minded, creative environment
for dancers to express themselves while establishing clear expectations and a high level of
professionalism and organization to prepare novice dancers with the skills and etiquette necessary to
grow and continue their dance journey. Instead of focusing on any specific genre, Nonsense is unique in
their openness to provide technical training in all styles of dance, encouraging more well rounded dancers. Empowering dancers with creative freedom and a safe, inclusive environment, they are able to unlock their full creative potential and reinforce these values in the local dance community.

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